Almanac IP Advisors LLP 

Agile IP law firm for strategic Patent matters


About Us

Comprehensive IP transactional support you and your company can trust.


Almanac IP Advisors LLP offers the traditional services of an IP legal boutique, along with patent landscaping, valuation, acquisition-side brokering, portfolio mining, and related services.

The founding partners of Almanac, Mark Spolyar and Rob Saltzberg, possess over 45 years of IP legal experience. They are both former IP partners at major Bay Area law firms and former Managing Directors at the Ovidian Group, an IP consultancy. Satya Patel, Ph.D. is a former Managing Director and Scientist at Ovidian, and a named inventor on over 80 patents. 

Mr. Spolyar and Mr. Saltzberg possess complementary IP skill sets, in addition to sharing core, substantive patent evaluation expertise. Mr. Saltzberg's practice emphasizes patent analysis and asset development, whereas Mr. Spolyar's practice focuses more on the transactional and business angles of intellectual property. Dr. Patel has particular experience developing patent portfolio analytics and revenue modeling to assist with portfolio mining and patent landscaping, acquisition, and divestitures. 

Our Services

Our combination of skill sets positions Almanac extremely well for a variety of strategic IP projects. Almanac IP Advisors is an agile firm that can customize projects to its clients' needs and budgets.

For example, Almanac offers the following services:

  • Offensive and defensive adversarial licensing
    • patent evaluation (e.g., developing infringement claim charts and validity assessments)
    • monetization program development
    • litigation damages risk modeling
    • license pricing
    • negotiation strategy
    • patent exhaustion and implied license analysis
    • license agreement review & drafting

  • Patent acquisitions and divestitures
    • secondary market monitoring & broker engagement
    • valuation
    • pre-purchase due diligence
    • patent purchase agreement drafting

  • Patent portfolio analysis
    • patent landscapes
    • portfolio mining
    • portfolio reviews and benchmarking
    • competitive patent portfolio analysis 

  • Portfolio development
    • targeted patent claim drafting and prosecution oversight
    • portfolio pruning in connection with maintenance fee decisions
    • patent policy and invention disclosure guidelines​​

  • Technology and licensing transactions
    • technology collaboration and joint development agreements
    • outbound and inbound technology & software licensing agreements
    • standards body participation decisions and compliance
    • open-source risk assessments and related counseling
    • patent pool participation and in-licensing
    • defensive aggregator membership evaluation