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Satyadev Patel, Ph.D.




Dr. Patel brings 10 years of cutting-edge engineering and product development experience to a practice that includes:

  • Patent portfolio analysis and mining
  • Patent portfolio valuation
  • Development of claim charts and infringement/validity arguments​
  • Due diligence for patent acquisitions and investments

Dr. Patel began his career as a technologist developing projection and direct-view displays. He is a named inventor on over 80 issued patents.

Dr. Patel was a Managing Director and Scientist at Ovidian. At Ovidian, Satya created software tools and a procedural framework to review and mine patent portfolios ranging from a handful of patents to tens of thousands patents. The portfolio analytics developed by Satya became the foundation for Ovidian’s patent valuation, acquisition, development and divestiture services. To support Ovidian’s patent portfolio valuation services, Satya generated models that, based on client need, permitted: (1) detailed patent-to-product accounting, (2) portfolio technology area-to-company product space accounting, or (3) a hybrid accounting. To support Ovidian’s other services, Satya led numerous efforts to help clients identify high value patents starting from an unknown patent portfolio and ending with claim charts for identified patents.

Prior to joining Ovidian, Dr. Patel was a Senior Staff Engineering Manager at Qualcomm MEMS Technologies (QMT). As the lead for the Test & Characterization and CAD groups, he was instrumental in improving QMT’s direct-view MEMS display. The Test & Characterization team developed the device manufacturing test flow and improved device mechanical reliability. The CAD group was responsible for mask design and design verification.

Prior to joining QMT, Dr. Patel was a Technical Product Manager at Reflectivity, a company competing with Texas Instruments in the projection display sector. At Reflectivity, he was responsible for improving design, fabrication process, and mechanical reliability of Reflectivity’s MEMS-based spatial light modulator. Having joined Reflectivity prior to Series A funding, he was deeply involved in developing Reflectivity’s business and IP strategy. Reflectivity was acquired by Texas Instruments in 2006.

Dr. Patel received a B.S., cum laude, in Physics and Mathematics from the University of California, Irvine (in 3 years), an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University, and a J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, Law School.